Kansas City Seo Reputation Management is key in 2016

2016 Reputation Management SEO is a vital part of your online business.
Reputation Management is one of the most important digital marketing strategies going forward. Many businesses still think they can ignore online reviews — and are secretly hoping that reviews don’t matter or that they’ll quietly go away.
Many business owners have been burned by a customer who left a bad review online and it has tainted their view of the importance of online reviews.

Reviews often set the tone or direction of a prospective client when selecting an online business. If there are negative reviews or unmanaged responses, many customers make the assumption that you are simply a poor business owner.

Do not make the mistake of leaving those reviews , both postive and negative unanswered. Even acknowledging positive comments provides one more aspect of verification of good customer service and follow up.
A negative review gives you only one chance to help get that review removed or at least reduced to a less devastating review. Seo aspects within the current scoring does consider reviews and a bad series of reviews can
end up with your website rankings taking a nose dive which will immediately hurt your business when it comes to online aspects.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
If a business has avoided Reputation Management here are some statistics.
92% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews (BrightLocal)
88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation (BrightLocal)
90% of participants said positive online reviews influenced their buying decision and 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews (Zendesk)
A rock-solid reputation is a valuable asset for any business to have. In a few years, reputation management will be click here essential to the daily operation of virtually any business.

As you can see reviews do matter and place a huge decision making point for potential customers.

Kansas City Business Owners need to be well aware of the negative aspects when it comes to local seo in Kansas City if they do not consider reputation management as part of their
overall seo plan.

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